2 Months

Well today marks 2 months that I've been home and it has been a pretty wild ride. I've prayed a lot about what to blog, considering I haven't blocked since right before I left. Its hard to sum up what 2 months in a place that was so unlike anything I had ever experienced in [...]

The Waiting

I've learned a lot in this time of preparation. A lot about myself, and really in how I relate to God. The real honest truth of who I believe I am and how I respond to who God says I am. Its a frightening thing to realize if i really let myself see. I don't want God [...]


“In Love's service, only wounded soldiers can serve.” ― Brennan Manning, Abba's Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging  So many things that seem to be on my mind lately. I find myself going in and out of quiet spurts. Really thinking about life and lots of injustices that keep me awake late [...]

His Relentless Pursuit

“The cross was not about some mythical pagan deity demanding a blood sacrifice – destroying his own son like Molech. Someone may ask … but wasn’t blood required for the forgiveness of sins? Yes, but not in a paganistic Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom sort of way. Yes, blood was needed for the [...]

My Joy In The Call

This past weekend I had the oppurtunity in serving at Azuza Now in LA. A gathering of people of all race, backgrounds, and denominations who got together for one thing...LOVE. When I say love I'm not speaking on a cute feel good, pretty word resembling flowers and heart emojis. I'm speaking on so much more than [...]

Adventure Time

Dear Family and friends, I’m writing this to update you all on my life and where I believe God is taking me. I’ve always had a desire to serve God and serve the poor, and luckily I have gotten to through different avenues of ministry. I’ve had the opportunity to go to LA dream center [...]